Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Clothing Wish list

It's not even the middle of the month and I have somehow already spent over half of my wages :(
I have nothing to show for it (which is really sad and depressing) as most of it has gone to my parents to pay of my car insurance - I hate insurance. It steals all the money I want to spend on clothes and make up!! 
As a result of my lack of money I haven't made many purchases this month so thought I'd do a wish list of all the lovely clothes I so badly want and need in my life!
Here goes!
£30 River Island
This shift dress is so pretty and simple and I love it!
It would look great in the winter with tights and a jacket but also cute in the summer with some sandals. I love the lace collar and navy is such an easy colour to wear and tends to suit everyone.
£39 Miss Selfridge (back image)
Sticking with the theme of dresses this is another shift dress which caught my attention!
Although it is more expensive then the other dress I'm still going to be investing in this!
I love the pattern and the zip detail on the back of the dress as well as the collar!
Again this dress would look great in the winter or summer.
£39 Miss Selfridge (back image)
This navy and white polka dot pinafore style playsuit is so cute! It would look so pretty in the summer and playsuits are a great alternative to dresses - especially where I live as it is always windy, this way no one gets a look up your dress on these windy days!
£18 River Island
I am a big fan of skater skirts and think this one is just adorable!
I love the pastel colour of it and the heart print is so pretty - the only problem is every time I go to buy it the never have it in my size!! Grrrrrr (this means I'm angry!!)
So there you have it! My shortened clothing wish list :)
Hurry up pay day!!
What items are your clothing wish list?

Friday, February 8, 2013

No 7 Cleanser and Toner - review

One of my new years resolutions was to take better care of skin, I therefore decided to start cleansing and toning as I never have before.
I was in boots not really sure which brand to buy from or which cleansers/toners work well with dry skin when I remembered I had a £5 off voucher for No 7 skin care so I headed for that counter.
They had an offer on so it was 3 for the price of 2 and they had cleansers and toners for those with dry skin - Perfect!
I picked up 2 cleansers at £9 each and one toner and £8, it should have been £27 but with my voucher and the offer I got all 3 for £13.
I left feeling like I had picked up a bargain and I felt glad that I was sticking to one of my new years resolutions!
But then I used the product.
The cleanser  states: 'cleverly dissolves make up'  IT LIES!! It did an awful job at removing my make up and I ended up having to use a make up wipe. The product also states: 'because all skin can have sensitive moments all our products are hypo allergenic so they are kind to even the most sensitive skin'  I don't suffer from very sensitive skin yet this cleanser left my skin feeling stingy and sore.
I was not pleased or imperessed with this product in the slightest!
The toner is okay, it removes any make up which is left behind after using a make up wipe (I gave up on the cleanser and have kindly donated it to the rubbish bin as I feel this is where it truly belongs!) but it doesnt leave my skin feeling any more 'refreshed' or 'hydrated' than it did before.
All in all these products are not great or even good and I most certainly don't recommened them and won't be purchasing them again!
Can anyone suggest a cleanser and toner for dry skin which does what it says and works well!?
Preferably one which wont break my bank either!?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips review

Here is a quick product review on Rimmel's Apocalips! Hope it's helpful :)
After reading so many positive reviews on these products I had to try them out for myself!
The 'Apocalips' are available in 8 different colours, ranging from a subtle nude to a show stopping red!
This is great as there is bound to be one to compliment everyone.
When I went to purchase these my choice of colours was unfortunately limited as the product was out stock in over half of the different shades. In the end I settled for Nova - a fairly bright but not over the top bright pink and Big Bang - a gorgeous red.
I was impressed with the colours of both of these products, I quite often find lip glosses which claim to be coloured actually come out rather clear and transparent. But ohh no, not the Apocalips, this product doesn't lie!! It does what it is supposed to do and the colour is fab! 
The applicator is a great shape and you only need one dip in the tube to evenly cover your lips. This is a bonus as it hopefully means that the product will last longer.
After application the product has a glossy finish, I found that after a while the product did dry a little and look 'less glossy'. I also found that the pink (Nova) faded after a an hour whereas the red (Big Bang) stayed put for much longer.
All in all I think this is a great product. I love the packaging and range of colours! At £5.99 and 3 for 2 at Boots (quick get them soon!) I will definitely be buying more!
'Big Bang' (sorry for the pictures poor quality!)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Liebster Award

I couple of days ago I was reading my comments and found out I had been nominated for the Liebster award!
I haven't been blogging long so it's lovely to know people enjoy reading my blog. I think this award is a great idea and I want to say a big thank you to Charlie who nominated me :)

The Liebster award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award are that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make 11 questions for them to answer. Its a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more and followers and find some blogs that they want to follow.
11 facts about me
1) I am currently regretting my post '25 facts about me' as it is making this task allot harder!
2) When I was younger I use to do ballet, tap, modern, street dancing, latin american and gymnastics. I no longer do any of these.
3) Although I love the smell of coffee I hate the taste of it.
4) I could swim without armbands at the age of 2.
5) I can only get to sleep if my bedroom is pitch black.
6) I can't wait to have children (not for another 8 years at least though!)
7) I have been on holiday every year at least once since the age of 5, possible younger.
8) I use to be a cat person, however since we got a dog 5 years ago I can't decide which I prefer.
9) I hate spiders - they make me squirm!
10) My cousins and I once made our Grosi (means Grandma but she is Swiss so we call her Grosi) cry by hitting her plum tree with pillows.
11) I look up to people who have big ambitions and I admire those who achieve them.
So there are 11 more facts about me! To see my '25 facts about me' post click here!
11 questions from Charlie:

1: In a few words, describe your style ?
On trend and girly - I love skater skirts, peplum tops and chunky jumpers 
2: Do you play any musical instruments ?
No, although I'd love to play the piano and use to play the recorder if that counts!
3: Growing up what was your favourite book ?
The Twits by Roal Dahl
4: Who are your biggest inspiration in life and why ?
I honestly don't have one and never have! Sorry!
5: What is one of your guilty pleasure ?
One Direction - I use to hate them but they are definitely becoming one of my guilty pleasures!
6: What's your biggest fear ?
Not knowing what the future holds. That sounds really cheesy but it's true!
7: What is one thing that you would like to accomplish in 2013 ?
Getting into uni to study midwifery.
8: Where in the world do you feel the safest ?
My house.
9: What's your favourite band/singer ?
Back in the day my answer would be s club 7 and atomic kitten! Now I think I'd have to go with Rihanna and Taylor Swift 
10: Would you like to get married one day ?
Yes, I would love to get married on a beach - however I might have to re-think that due to the British weather!
11: What is one thing that you adore, but that everyone around you despise ?
Sour sweets is the only thing I can think of! No one else in my family likes them.
11 questions from me:
1) Do you have any regrets?
2) What is your career goal?
4) Whats your favourite animal?
5) Would you rather live by the sea or in the country or in a big city?
6) What is the one item of make up you simply could not live without?
7) What was your favourite subject at school?
8) What is the most you have spent on a beauty product?
9) What is your favourite colour?
10) What is the best thing that has happened to you in your life so far?
11) Do you prefer shopping for clothes or beauty products?

My nominations are:
 These are all the people I follow who have less than 300 followers, I know it isn't 11 people but I didn't want to nominate people for the sake of it! Check these girls blogs out :)


Sunday Summary

Hello lovely bloggers!
Something amazing has happened already today, something I class as a miracle.
I managed to stay in bed until 10 past 9 without getting woken up!! There was no loud talking outside my bedroom door, no sound of the radio downstairs and no dog jumping onto my bed. This is a rarity and due to this I am in a positive mood and am looking forward to the day ahead.
Anyway, before you all think I am totally bonkers, lets move on.
I honestly can't believe it is Sunday already - this week has flown by!
I was back to work on Monday as the huge bandage on my toe was replaced with a smaller one allowing me to drive again. This meant I was up at the crack of dawn and out the house by 7:30. I work as a nanny where I look after 3 children who are 6, 3 and 4 months. I really enjoy this job which actually doesn't feel like a job at all - I spend my days cuddling the baby, playing peppa pig, puzzles and other children's games and driving the children to school and various other clubs.
On Wednesday afternoons I volunteer at my local hospital - this is because I want to be a midwife. The jobs I do unfortunately have nothing to do with midwifery or even nursing. I do admin work, the tea and coffee rounds and some general cleaning and tidying up in the mini kitchen. It's not very exciting and the time goes really slowly when I'm there but it has been useful to observe the other members of staff and learn more about issues that arise in hospitals.
On Thursday I was nannying again, I attempted to teach the 3 year old to ride a bike - it failed...badly. But I will keep trying and she will learn eventually! Friday I went to nandos (it was so yummy! I honestly think I could live off their chicken wraps!) and caught up with some friends. And yesterday I was at my other job where I run children's parties! It was a manic really busy day and my toe was really hurting as I was wearing flat dolly shoes.
So there is a quick summary of my week!
I plan on starting my day today with a cooked breakfast, then a walk along the beach before going to my boyfriends house for a roast dinner.
How has your week been?
Has it flown by as quickly as it feels like it has for me?
I'm planning on doing some products reviews which I might post this evening or tomorrow so look out for those!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Everyday make up

Good morning blogger!
I have recently changed a few products I use in my everyday make up routine so thought I would share them with you :)
I enjoy reading 'what's on my face'  and 'everyday make up' posts as I find them great for inspiration on changing up my everyday look and I just find it interesting to see what products people use on a daily basis!
I tend to wear light make up in the day sometimes adding a neutral eyeshadow and some lippy.
I'll stop boring you now and get on with it!!
Here are the products I use pretty much everyday:
On my face:
Nivea express hydration primer - This moisturiser really does hydrate my skin and leaves it feeling all softy and smoothy, it also works as a great primer providing a nice base for my foundation.
Rimmel wake me up foundation (shade: true ivory) - I LOVE THIS!! If you haven't already tried this I strongly urge you to. I first tried this foundation at the beginning of last year and have repurchased it over and over again ever since. It's reasonably priced, the texture isn't too watery, you don't need a great deal to provide coverage for your whole face and it stays put more or less all day.
Avon bare minerals powder (shade: sand beige) - I purchased this a long time ago, a really long time ago. It then got pushed to back of my make up draw and I forgot about it until I had a sort out a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea if it still available to purchase but I do know that it only cost a few pounds and makes my foundation last even longer throughout the day and it feels lovely to wear.
Sleek blush by 3 (lace) - I ordered this recently and it only took 3 days to arrive at my door! I have used everyday since then and love the fact you can create a range of looks with one product. I have the palette in the shade 'lace' which comes with a coral colour (crochet), a pinky colour (chantilly) and a shimmery pink in the middle (guipure). In the picture below I am wearing the shade chantilly with a touch of guipure to add a slight shimmer.
Benefit brow shaping kit (dark) - This is a great little kit for filling your eyebrows, it comes with a hard angle brush for the wax and a blending brush for the powder. It also comes with a mini pair of tweezers which I haven't actually used (I prefer normal sized ones although its a great idea if your out and about and have a stray eyebrow hair I guess!) This product is easy to use and lasts all day. I have had this kit for around 6 months and there is still alot of the product left.
Rimmel trio eyeshadow - This is great for everyday use as the colours are not too dark or shimmery. As the name suggests, there are 3 colours included, a cream, light brown and darker brown. These colours blend well together and stay put for a long time.
Rimmel glam eyes liquid liner - This is just your standard liquid liner! It works well and does the job without smudging or fading throughout the day.
Max Factor clump defy mascara - I find this mascara is great for lengthening lashes but not so much for adding volume. However, I still love it and tend to add 2 coats of for a better effect.
Rimmel Apocalips (shade 102 Nova) - This is a recent purchase which I am both impressed with and unimpressed with, if that's even possible! I love the colour of this and the texture, it isn't too thick and isn't at all sticky. On first application it looks really stunning, however, after an hour the colour starts to fade and requires constant application throughout the day. I am going to a more in depth review on this product soon, possibly tomorrow, so that's all I'll say for now!
Here is the finished look!
Are there any products you want me to review in more detail?
Have you tried any of the products I use? If so, what did you make of them?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February

Happy 1st of February!

Its officially been a month since 2013 started and (despite my minor toe operation a couple of weeks ago) so far so good :)
I've managed to stick to all of my new years resolutions - link! And have got 3 interviews this month at various universities.
This month I am planning on making some purchases off my wish list - link!
As well as cramming in revision for my university entry tests and interviews, and looking for another part time job! It's going to be a busy month!!
I'm about to head to Nando's (YAY) to meet a friend for some lunch before heading off to do some shopping - perfect start to February :)
How has 2013 been for you so far?
Have you managed to stick to your new years resolutions?
What do you have planned for the next few weeks?